What is life insurance?

Life insurance can ensure the money related security of your loved ones by giving them a tax-exempt installment after saying goodbye to life. The sum and sort of inclusion you pick will rely upon your conditions and needs. The expense of untimely disaster protection you purchase as an individual relies upon your age, sex, wellbeing, medical history and way of life you live.

Do you really need Life insurance?

Who will look after your loved ones after your death? Family security is its ultimate purpose. Its most essential capacity is to supplant the income that would stop at the demise of the protected.

What are the types of Life insurance that are available in Canada?

There are broadly two types of Insurances. The time-bound insurance (life term insurance) which you keep it for the hard times when your kids are growing and purely dependent on you. The other one is permanent life insurance which remains valid/active until you die. The cost changes accordingly.

When you need life insurance?

Somebody you bolster will at present need your salary when you’re never again alive to win it.

You’re probably going to pass on leaving a substantial obligation and you need it paid without eating into the capital of your request.

You need to reserve your money to pay burial service costs, assessments, and probate charges.

You need to leave cash you wouldn’t generally have to a relative, companion, or philanthropy.

Why Ivikinsurance?

We closely know your needs. We don’t fit people into insurance plans. We make insurance plans for people. We know the value of your hard earned money. Blending the practical aspects with the emotional concerns, in our USP. Finding the best possible plans with minimum investment and a maximum cover is what makes us stand apart.