About Us

Ms. Umarpreet Kaur Chawla

– CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter)

– CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist)

At IvikInsurance, we offer a wide variety of insurance products which not only serve our clients’ interests but also give them the most affordable solutions. We are an independent broker, which means that our interests lie in serving our clients by offering the best insurance products from various providers.

Being a doctor and a mother of two, I very well understand the need for keeping my family and loved ones financially secure. That’s why I suggest only those policies to all my clients which would fulfill both- their long-term and short-term goals under the safe cover of insurance. During my experience as a doctor, I’ve seen first hand how a family gets affected when someone gets injured or cannot work due to some illness or accident.

Disability insurance is a must for all and I work with my clients to get the best policy to keep their family secure in case of any untoward happenings.

We believe in working for the clients, not for profits. This is the reason why we are able to create long term bonds with oury clients. With my knowledge and good understanding of the insurance products, I have been able to create deep trust and faith in my clients’ minds. Whenever we talk to a new client, we take up a considerable amount of time to know their history, their present requirements and then conduct thorough market research so that we can suggest only the best and most suitable insurance policies for them.

Even when I was working as a doctor, my motto remained the same as is now- “Provide best possible service and advice to all.” Call me today regarding any question or queries related to insurance.

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